• Perform a Worker's Welfare Compliance Audit at multiple locations in order to enhance worker welfare standards on-site.
  • Where our corporate official training workshop enhance the organizations employee performance to the advantage of all parties: the business/organization, management, employees, and representatives.
  • In which De Moura Lawson Consulting instructs individuals on how to administer first aid. Organizations who successfully finish our Mental Health First Aider training will be qualified mental health first aiders in the workplace, able to aid coworkers with mental health concerns in recovering from or managing their symptoms.
  • Provide your staff the chance to voice their concerns. We will check the execution of the management plan using a risk-based methodology, including audits and site inspections.
  • Where we will provide induction training to ensure that all new employees are thoroughly informed and safe on their first day of employment. This is especially helpful for workers who are new to a country and wish to make a seamless transition to living and working in the nation.
  • Evaluate the contractors' capacity to manage worker welfare on a risk-based basis, and add requirements to high-risk contracts, such as the need to establish Worker Welfare management plans.

De Moura Lawson Consulting will provide the following worker welfare services:

There are several countries and regions in which businesses operate, each with differing levels of worker welfare risk. Employee wellbeing is essential not just for the employees individually, but also for the business. The office atmosphere should be safe and conducive to the better health of all personnel. Inadequate welfare facilities can result in both physical and psychological disorders, and if employees believe that their company is unconcerned with their wellbeing, this can lead to low morale and productivity.

Worker Welfare Services

  • Support services to assist your company in implementing additional health and safety measures, particularly on project sites, so that your core activities may continue while the health and safety of your personnel is maintained.
  • Support Services for Worker Welfare Worksite and Labor Accommodations Inspections where the inspections ensure that proper infrastructure facilities are provided.
  • Customized solution to aid your organization in ethically recruiting for temporary and permanent employment, training employees, and giving support courses on ethical recruitment and worker welfare.

De Moura Lawson Consulting is committed to establishing and upholding stringent worker welfare standards for the employees of our clients and those who work on our projects. In addition to informing our clients about this policy, we will seek to encourage other firms in our sector to adhere to the standards outlined in this policy and local regulations. We are devoted to enhancing our customer services in this area by partnering with pertinent partners and using international best practices. De Moura Lawson Consulting desires to be at the forefront of our industry, serving as agents of change on our projects and in the communities in which we operate.

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