• Flexible platform: Companies have a wide range of needs when it comes to crisis management with no one system available to suit all internal requirements. Rather than attempt to design, develop and implement a specific solution for each installation, the current solution provides the market's most flexible option.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: In a matter of a few short hours system administrators have the ability to create templates and contact groups, recreating their crisis management plans on the platform. In the event of an emergency, users from strategic teams in the boardroom to operational teams can easily and clearly distribute actions, monitor progress, and document the whole event.

  • The Log: When the smoke has cleared, a completed report log showing responses to all notifications, assigned actions, and completion times as well as a complete overview of the event can be shared both to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Collaboration: Most crisis management procedures involve some level of communication with persons or organizations outside of the company (emergency response teams or governmental organisations).

This communication commonly takes place outside of the crisis management system using emails or phones. This inability to communicate in real-time in many situations can prove costly and often unreliable as it lacks confirmation of receipt of information. This can be effectively addressed by extending the crisis management team to include all relevant persons outside the organisation where required.

By including necessary external stakeholders and organizations directly in a crisis management team, a more efficient response system can be created.

  • Mobilise personnel and communicate in real-time: Teams can be notified and mobilised via SMS, e-mail, app notifications, and automated phone calls. Responses are automatically tracked and displayed.

  • Share situational awareness: all information sent to or from the system is available to personnel directly in the mobile app and any web browser. Interactions are in real-time and content is instantly shared with all personnel. Everyone is kept up-to-date at all times. This can include text, pictures, and files of any type.

  • Mobile flexibility: the software solution is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. In the event of an incident, individuals within the organisation can quickly notify persons or teams to join the response effort directly from their mobile devices.

  • Assign tasks: tasks and responsibilities can be easily assigned. Personnel can update the task status on their mobile devices with the system providing constant updates

  • Track personnel: track emergency response and operational teams. Positional data is automatically shared through the use of the mobile app and the web browser.

  • Exercises and building resilience: The full solution is perfectly suited for carrying out emergency response and crisis management drills and exercises within the organisation. Predefined scenarios with can be triggered to allow for periodical drills to be conducted when required. The process is simulated as an emergency, with notifications, logs and messages, but marked as an exercise.

  • Monitor the position of resources: The solution provides tracking through GPS technology. After operational teams have been notified and have joined the shared log, the operators can view everyone's location on the situation map, as their position is gathered from the GPS on their mobile devices.

  • Share documents and files: this includes the feature to share specific files with various teams during a critical event. Different files can be added to a log template related to the particular scenario. All the necessary files and resources will be available to users.

Using the comprehensive approach to Critical Event Management through such a solution provides the organisation with the following benefits:

  • Multi-tier Emergency response and crisis management training and coaching.
  • Process designed around an organisations current emergency response and crisis management systems.
  • Development of full crisis management policies and procedures, training and implementing a sustainable culture of emergency preparedness within an establishment.


  • A fully comprehensive online solution for the effective management of any type of critical event.
  •  A cloud-based solution for managing critical events and incidents.
  • A tool which helps organisations mobilise their resources quickly, harmonise their actions, coordinate and assign tasks, communicate effectively with internal and external resources during an ongoing event.
  • A solution that can be used during critical events that may threaten public safety, such as global pandemics, severe accidents, environmental disasters, and security threats.
  • The solution is designed to confront critical business situations such as cybersecurity incidents, fire, workplace injuries, natural disasters, electricity failures, ship grounding and many more.
  • The system can also be used to manage and control minor day-to-day incidents, such as non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses as well as providing a structure for near miss incident reporting.
  • A system that helps organisations alert their teams, keep everybody informed and make better decisions during critical events.


Demoura Lawson Consulting in association with Critical Event Management Software RAYVN have developed an efficient Crisis Management System that organisations can utlise to provide comprehensive solutions to their emergency response and crisis management initiatives.

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