De Moura Lawson Consulting will therefore assist in the process in order to shape the Health and Safety Environment you as a leader want to create for your business.

Safety culture is a complicated idea that will change over time in many ways. There can be both positive and negative aspects that affect the safety culture of the organization and skew it in a specific way. Whether it is managed or not, the culture will change. But the most important questions to ask are; "Is it a safe culture?" How can we be sure? and how can we stop it from spreading?

The traditional safety perspective is like driving by looking only in your rear-view mirror, managing by looking at where you have been, not at where you are going. For an organization to have a "safe culture" it needs to decide what "safe" means and let everyone in the organization understand what that means.

De Moura Lawson Consulting will set the standard for safety and assist organizations to go that step further and make sure that their leaders, managers, and employees know how to think about safety, risk and about what their roles are. Additionally, De Moura Lawson Consulting will assist leaders to act and make decisions based on what they know is right, not just do what they've always done.

Lead to Inspire Safety Workshop

The actions and behavior of leaders and managers influence the safety culture of the whole organization, it is therefore crucial for you as a leader to understand how your own behavior – the things you say and do – influence the Health and Safety outputs you seek from employees

By using the health and safety workshop to inspire the leaders of the organization to focus on improving their own safety culture and leading by example, the effect is an echo of improvement in safety culture and mindset towards safety throughout the organization. This improvement in safety culture will lead to less accidents, injuries, close calls, and health related issues in the workplace, leaving room for higher productivity levels, better employee morale, less direct and indirect cost to the company for employee injury compensation and most importantly allowing employees to return home safely after a day’s work. 


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