Mobile Workforce Management

In many industries, employees’ work carries safety risks. Mobile workers especially are often at offsite locations - facing unique safety risks - which are more challenging for businesses to control. These risks can be managed and technology is one way that can help.

Our intelligent mobile workforce management solutions allows you and your mobile workers to remain in constant contact, share information and communicate changes in real-time.

Particularly relevant in a safety context is the ability to share:

- Safety checklists relevant to the job
- Step-by-step work guides
- Safety instructions
- Risk assessments.

The use of our tech solutions are not limited to certain industries - mobile workforce safety cuts across many sectors - so it’s likely that this could benefit you.

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Emergency Response, Crisis Management and Recovery

Our focus is in the following areas

Accident Investigation and Route Cause Analysis

Behavioral Based Safety and Coaching

Cultural Development and high-performance teams

Development of Strong Contractor Management Strategies

Occupational Health and Worker Wellbeing programs

HSE Training development and Training needs analysis

Remote Site Inspections

 Interim Safety Management

Drone Technology

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