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We pride ourselves with our intentional and strategic approach to enhancing organizational culture change through a stronger focus on health and well being. 

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“an intentional and integrated Approach to Organisational WELL BEING" 

Dedicated teams to safeguard your business 

Based out of Newcastle, England, we serve a global market place predominantly in the middle east as we have identified with the cultural diversities and implemented successful programs in countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and many others. Our consultants have been involved in creating strong organizational cultures within the Oil & Gas, Aviation, Education, Facilities Management, construction and manufacturing industries.



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A holistic approach to organisational issues 

At Demoura Lawson Consulting we realise that our clients require holistic approaches in order to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. We support organisational leaders on all levels to develop strong, long term and fully sustainable cultures in which health, safety, wellbeing and the environment is at the core of their decision-making processes.



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Leadership Engagement

Our programs engage our leaders in global processes of learning, where we support them to build their capacities and apply what they have learned to both the transformation of their own establishments as well as their local communities.



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We believe that coaching, mentoring, and developing a strong focus on competency frameworks within workplaces provide more robust long-term benefits.


We support our clients in empowering their employees to save lives, enhance wellness, and achieve better overall process performances.


We serve as partners to our clients, advising organisational leaders on all levels to develop strong, long-term, and fully sustainable cultures.

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