The DMLC SHIFT JV will offer specialized services in workplace health and safety. Building on their joint expertise and approach, the JV can be valuable in the Saudi Arabian market through the following:

Tailored Services: DMLC SHIFT JV will provide certified health, safety, and welfare training. Their tailored services can be adapted to meet the specific needs of Saudi organizations. In a market where safety compliance is crucial, DMLC's expertise can help businesses navigate complex regulations.

Unique Approach: DMLC SHIFT JV will focus on organizational culture change by emphasizing health and well-being. Their intentional and integrated approach will set them apart. Saudi companies seeking sustainable safety practices can benefit from DMLC SHIFT JV’s commitment to long-lasting worker welfare methodologies.

Full-Time Safety Management: OHS used to be a secondary concern, but it's now a critical aspect of business success. DMLC SHIFT JV recognizes that managing workplace health and safety is a full-time job. By entrusting safety dynamics to DMLC SHIFT JV, Saudi companies can focus on their core business activities while ensuring compliance and worker well-being.

Global Network: Although DMLC is based in Qatar, they serve a *global marketplace*, including the Middle East. Their experience with cultural diversities aligns well with Saudi Arabia's multicultural workforce. DMLC's international perspective can bring fresh insights to the Saudi market.

Vision 2030 Alignment: As Saudi Arabia strives for economic diversification and human capital development under Vision 2030, workplace safety becomes paramount. DMLC SHIFT JV’s services will contribute directly to achieving these goals by enhancing employee well-being and overall process performance.

In summary, DMLC SHIFT JV’s expertise, unique approach, and commitment to safety make them a valuable partner for Saudi businesses aiming to create safe, compliant, and sustainable work environments.

Adel Lawson - CMIOSH
Managing Partner

Abdulqader Fallahtah
Managing Partner

As the managing partner of Demoura Lawson Consulting (DMLC), I am enthusiastic about our transformative collaboration with the Specialty Horizon Institute for Training (SHIFT) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

DMLC SHIFT JV vision and mission aligning with the ambitious goals outlined in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in our commitment to reshaping the landscape of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices in the MENA region.

As Saudi Arabia focuses on economic diversification and human capital development under Vision 2030, workplace safety emerges as a paramount concern.

Through the DMLC SHIFT JV, we are uniquely positioned to contribute directly to these goals by enhancing employee well-being and overall process performance. By merging cutting-edge technologies with visionary expertise, we are prepared to unlock unprecedented levels of innovation and impact.

SHIFT's dedication to providing qualitative training perfectly complements DMLC's mission of delivering excellence in consulting, laying a solid foundation for our collaboration.

Together, we are poised to push the boundaries of what's possible, ushering in a new era of possibilities in the HSE sector. This partnership not only amplifies our collective strengths but also underscores our shared vision of driving digital transformation and delivering unparalleled value to our clients and stakeholders. Through this alliance, we are set to redefine the benchmarks of excellence, fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth.

Our collaboration isn't just about synergies; it's about creating a legacy of positive change and shaping the future of HSE practices in the region.

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