Habits that create unsafe working conditions:

Healthy habits can help you progress in your profession, have great experiences at work, and be considered for promotions by your superiors. Negative habits on the other hand can have the reverse effect. Respect for your job, your workplace, and your coworkers is essential, thus it's always a good idea to eliminate undesirable workplace behaviors.

Poor office habits are bad practices that establish a trend. Sometimes bad work habits may have no negative or dangerous effect, but they can reflect poorly on you as an employee and a person. It is crucial to recognize when you have developed a negative habit and to take steps to alter your behavior at work.

Health & Safety Awareness Workshop

The manner in which you conduct yourself at work may have a significant influence on your productivity, organization, success, and relationships with others.

Ergonomics is an area of study that reviews areas in which employees, because of their work activities, could be physically affected. Injuries could occur immediately or over a prolonged period due to poor working postures. While Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common impact of poor ergonomics, this could well effect other key areas such as eye strains, stress, and mental health.

The approach to fire safety. For example, electrical faults have been the cause of most fire accidents in the state of Qatar. 

Unsafe working conditions due to the risk of slips, trips and falls, which are the most common workplace injuries worldwide for the last few years and contribute to over 30% of all workplace incidents (HSE Executive, 2022). 

Electrical equipment used in an office is potentially hazardous and can cause serious shock and burn injuries if improperly used or maintained.

Unsafe working conditions due to the presence of chemical hazardous substances. The first and most critical aspect of using hazardous substances and dangerous goods safely is to understand exactly what you are dealing with.

The Case for Mental Health Awareness at Work. Mental Health Awareness is extremely important as mental health issues are increasingly common.

Health and Safety Awareness Workshop offered by De Moura Lawson Consulting will focus on:

  • Ergonomic behavior through key habits related to ensuring better ergonomics within the office.
  • Developing the skills and key habits to identify and eliminate causes for concern when it comes to fire hazards.
  • Inform about and develop ways to practically prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • Teaching and informing about ways to prevent electrical related accidents from happening.
  • Populate safety data sheets and reviewing chemical warning labels.
  • The importance of assisting with mental health problems and creating systems to prioritize the support with mental health issues when required.
  • Proactive ways in which we can introduce a culture of care within our organization.
  • Providing, explaining, and giving practical examples of eight key habits to improve office safety.
  • SMART action planning.

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