This tool is used to identify the possible causes of an accident. It takes the form of a tree structure, with the accident at the top and the different possible causes branching out below.

Fault tree analysis: 

A systematic root cause analysis methodology designed to identify the underlying causes of incidents, accidents, and near-misses. The approach involves a 5-step process, including identification of the problem, system analysis, determination of root causes, development of corrective actions, and implementation and monitoring of those actions.


A visual tool used to identify the possible causes of an accident. The diagram uses a fishbone-shaped structure to identify potential areas of failure.

Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram: 

This tool involves examining the process involved in an accident, including the sequence of events and the various steps involved. It is used to identify any potential areas for improvement to prevent future accidents.

Process Mapping:

This is a simple but effective tool that involves repeatedly asking the question "why" until the root cause of an accident is identified.

Five Why's Analysis:

Our team are fully diverse and trained to utilize the below methodologies:

At Demoura Lawson Consulting we understand the importance of Accident Investigation and with our services, the accident will be investigated in a deeper level to determine the root, underlying and immediate causes of the accident.

This allows organizations to discover the reason why the accident happened, whether it was due to a failure in the management system, lack of training or poorly maintained and unsuitable equipment, or a general fault within the process. Investigating the accident in this way allows us to provide effective corrective actions to ensure that similar incidents don’t occur in the future.
We have worked extensively with our clients to provide the accident investigation and root cause analysis methodologies used within their respective operations.

Accident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

This tool looks at the human factors involved in an accident, such as the actions of those involved, attitude, experience, and training.

Human factors analysis:

The approach involves a thorough investigation of incidents, including analysis of the human factors involved, through data collection and interviews with employees. The methodology focuses on identifying the underlying problems and establishing goals for corrective actions. It also involves monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of those actions over time.

Calvin Topset®:

A comprehensive approach to incident investigation that is widely used in the Oil & Gas industry. The methodology uses a systematic approach to identify the factors contributing to an incident, including the identification of the direct and indirect causes. The approach involves collecting data about the incident, analyzing the data, developing hypotheses, and testing those hypotheses to identify the root cause.

DNV (SCAT Chart) ®: 

These are just a few of the many tools available to perform an accident investigation and root cause analysis. Depending on the situation and the complexity of the accident, different tools may be more appropriate for different situations.

Our experienced consultants are trained in a variety of accident investigation and root cause analysis tools and can support and guide organizations to identify the root cause of an accident and take appropriate corrective actions to prevent it from happening again.

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