Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ISO 26001

Since there is a significant amount of public pressure on businesses to act in a more socially responsible manner and uphold social standards, social responsibility has grown to be a serious concern for companies. Organizations across the world must take the required steps to improve their social performance by showing clients that they are promoting sustainable development by enhancing performance through the implementation of ISO 26000.

ISO 26000, an international standard that provides guidance and establishes the principles and guidelines of social responsibilities was created to offer instructions on how to act in a socially responsible manner. Regardless of size or industry, this guideline is relevant to all organizations whose mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of society. With ISO 26000, De Moura Lawson Consulting services assists enterprises in improving their operating procedures and ensuring a healthy ecosystem.

De Moura Lawson Consulting will assist you in proving that your organization cares about the environment and the sustainability of the environment by obtaining ISO 26000 certification. This certification will indicate that you are successfully providing sustainable goods and services to stakeholders and the general public. Additionally, you will improve the company's image by attracting new clients and employees who care about preserving a sustainable environment.

Why is Social Responsibility important for you?

  • Boost your revenue.
  • Contribute to the organization's adoption of more socially responsible behavior.
  • Improving internal operations will help you protect the environment.
  • Improve public understanding of the value of social responsibility.
  • Encourage the workforce.

ISO 26000 through De Moura Lawson Consulting allows you to:

  • Auditors wishing to acquire the skills necessary to evaluate the SRP of a firm.
  • Managers or consultants that wish to grasp auditing a Social Responsibility Program.
  • People accountable for incorporating Social Responsibility into an organization's culture.
  • Auditors seeking a complete understanding of Social Responsibility's guiding principles, fundamental topics, and best practices.

Who should attend? 

Your ability to assess an organization's performance in terms of sustainable growth, legal compliance, and societal welfare based on ISO 26000 will be bolstered by the Lead Auditor training. On the basis of hands-on exercises that De Moura Lawson Consulting offers, you will be able to gain knowledge on audit procedures and become proficient in managing an audit program, audit team, client communication, and dispute resolution.

After gaining the knowledge required to conduct this audit, you can take the examination and apply for the "PECB Certified ISO 26000 Lead Auditor" certification. By earning a PECB Lead Auditor Certification, you will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to evaluate Social Responsibility Performance (SRP) of a business according to best practices.

Why should you attend?


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