A legal register is a document or system that lists the laws that an organization must comply with according to the nature of its operations. The legal register may only include particular types of law, such as environmental or health and safety regulations. Depending on the organization's nature, size, and industry, as well as its location, the range of applicable legislation might vary considerably.

A company's legal register becomes an essential resource for referencing the requirements for compliance to the law. The alternative would be to seek applicable laws related to the problem area which would be incredibly inefficient and time-consuming. In addition, it would be difficult to tell if the law discovered through an online search was the most recent form or if it had been superseded by other rules. Due to these very reasons, the need for a specialized legal register applicable to your organization is essential.

Legal & Other Obligations Register

The company specific legal register that De Moura Lawson Consulting offers will not only contain the applicable laws for the organization, but also indicate the following:

  • Up to date, specific regulation, or law.
  • Specific article of the regulation or law.
  • The general requirements that the company need to adhere to.
  • The specific requirements that the company need to adhere to.
  • The specific business units that must comply with the requirements.
  • The compliance or non-compliance status of the organization.
  • The method in which the organization complied with the requirements.

A legal register might also be a prerequisite for achieving ISO 14001 certification. The legal register is an efficient approach to demonstrate your firm’s awareness of its legal duties and complies with them. This can help a firm avoid legal action, while also enhancing its reputation with customers and other stakeholders by allowing it to operate beyond compliance.

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