Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.

That person becomes part of this virtual world and is immersed within this environment. Whilst there, they're able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

VR engages the senses and generates a reaction and a memory within a person that traditional 'chalk and talk' can never do. It essentially simulates hazardous and dangerous situations without taking people out of the comfort of an office environment or training room.

More importantly the memory lasts, and so therefore fundamentally supports positive behavioural change. It is this element of VR which makes it attractive as a training and communication tool.

Virtual Reality Solutions let organizations create immersive content and then display, interact, and collaborate with it using 3D projection VR displays, backpack VR rigs, VR headsets, and more.

Virtual Reality Solutions

The learner can immerse themselves and physically practice within site-specific scenarios, without causing risk to themselves or property, and can be monitored and assessed until they have gained confidence. 

What Exactly Virtual Reality Is, and how does it apply to the Health and Safety Industry?

Virtual reality for health and safety services can be designed using different perspectives of a potentially dangerous situation, operatives are able to experience the implications of their choices or actions.

This gives them a better understanding of a process that will significantly aid in the reduction of workplace incidents.

• Some of the current uses of VR in safety include hazard recognition, emergency situations and fall protection training.
• Recommended VR as a means to augment other kinds of training, and typically in short durations, with sessions lasting no more than 20 minutes.
• Virtual reality has the added benefit of being an effective stopgap between e-learning and live hands-on learning
• It is scalable, fully supported VR systems, ranging from portable VR rigs all the way up to multi-user, warehouse-scale 3D projection VR showrooms.
• One of the many benefits of VR is that the learner can be immersed in a stimulating environment reflecting different real-world scenarios, even potentially hazardous ones, from the safety of their training facilities.

These scenarios are set up online and can be deployed across numerous sites at the same time, mitigating the need for specialist personnel and lengthy manuals making an operational roll-out far speedier and more cost-effective. 

At an industry level, there are many more specific use cases and benefits of virtual reality. If you are looking for a remote solution, write to us at for your queries.

Interested in Virtual Reality Solution


Virtual Reality tour allows to virtually visit properties at any time with no restriction on duration of visit. This establishes a way of building rapport with prospective clients and provokes the viewer to become an owner of the building. I help to convey your vision with superior clarity and gain the trust of clients.

Make quick decisions with confidence by experiencing a true to scale space. What makes Virtual Reality different from using a computer is that you move your body naturally, as opposed to using a mouse and a keyboard.

This immersive experience can lead to better memory retention according to the results of a 2018 study published in the journal Virtual Reality.

Our VR clients tend to have a specific health and safety challenge and require a simple, educational, immersive and non-language-based solution to help them engage with staff to reduce workplace incidents. 

WHAT Virtual Reality  CAN DO for you

Step in Virtual Reality, our immersive training modules can be created and deployed rapidly across a business and in such a way as to fully engage the audience.

We offer two options; an off-the-shelf solution for work at height, lifting or plant and vehicle movement or a completely bespoke solution, where the setting within the VR simulation can be a digital replica of your own premises or sites.

Our goal at DMLC is to be the most trusted name in HSE Industry. We aim for excellence and we work to assure our client’s success and profitability in the future.

Zero harm and better productivity. DMLC offers best VR solution for health and safety harnesses cutting-edge technology to transform safety in the workplace. 

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