Collective reporting of company Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is expected, but many organisations struggle to find the right balance between strict supervision and establishing a collective safety culture when it comes to service providers.

Many factors play a significant role in how HSE aspects of the business are managed; cultures - whether organisational or regional, types of
contracts, economies and local legislations.

Understating how to prepare for these, as well as the long-term impacts of planning-phase decisions, is paramount and will directly impact your ability to create a strong overall safety culture in your business.

From the early stages of deciding if a service provider is required, right through to managing the health, safety and environmental aspects of any contract, is a continuous process. 

This course will ensure you have a solid understanding of setting key performance indicators, tendering, pre-selection assessment,
contractor culture assessments, evaluation and selection, mobilisation, auditing operations and much more.

For those involved with the contracting elements of HSE, the IOSH Contractor HSE Management course will prepare you for every
element of the process and fully equip you with the tools and know-how to introduce the necessary expertise within your organisation

In recent years, the industry has seen a significant shift towards hiring more and more specialist contractors to support operations. As a result, organisations are now under additional pressure to integrate service providers under the umbrella of their  operations, particularly with regards to health and safety management. This 3-day IOSH-approved Contractor HSE Management course will help you bridge that gap.


Learn why the Contractor HSE Management Workshop will transform your understanding of how to successfully integrate service providers within your operations.

Meet your Program Facilitator

Adel Lawson MSc CMIOSH, Managing Director at DMLC 

Health, Learning & Development and Leadership professional with more than 20 years’ experience working in the in the Oil and Gas, Engineering and Construction industries in the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.

In a training career spanning more than 15 years, Adel has developed and trained more than 50,000 persons working for multinational organizations and fortune 100 companies.

He has been part of teams which have achieved exceptional safety performances and an advocate of building strong safety cultures through training, strong leadership and behavioural change.

From a strong engineering background, Adel he has developed award winning training programs and highly effective training methodologies which ensures organizations achieve the most effective culture changes in the most efficient manner.




If you’re responsible for managing contractor HSE requirements within any stage of contract development, award or operations, this course is for you and those in the following roles:

• Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals (All Levels)
• Contract Specialists / Managers
• Project Specialists / Managers
• General and Operational Managers / Supervisors
• Quality Control Specialists / Managers / Auditors
• Planning and Operational Excellence Professionals.

This comprehensive IOSH-approved course includes worldwide best practices and standards:
  • IOSH/ASSE Good Practice Guidelines: Global Best Practices in Contractor Safety
  • HSG159: Managing Contractors - A Guide for Employers
  • HSG65: Successful Health & Safety Management
  • HSG150: Health & Safety in Construction
  • IOGP Guidelines – HSE management guidelines for working together in a contract environment
On completion of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of:
  • Work cultures and how contractor HSE practices must be tailored to suit
  • Health, safety and environmental requirements when writing contracts, developing tenders and selecting / evaluating contractors
  • Health and safety requirements in the process of planning, choosing a contractor, work on site and reviewing the work
  • Basic HSE Requirements when monitoring contractor performance
  • Setting Contractor HSE KPI's, reporting and auditing requirements.
  1. Introduction, cultural considerations and global best practices
  2. Planning for HSE before initiating a contract
  3. HSE requirements when selecting a contractor
  4. Managing HSE performance after contract award
  5. Monitoring and reviewing performance
  6. Ensuring excellence in contractor HSE-integration and setting achievable KPI's.



The course is available via face-to-face or remote learning


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