Our team have worked with a range of organisations to deliver compelling safety conferences and seminars. We tailor the seminars to industry sector and, more specifically, your business to ensure maximum content value. To provide a lasting positive impact for all attendees, we introduce audience interactivity wherever possible.

We use group ‘voting’ participation to gauge where audiences are on key issues at points in time and we utilise role playing or dramatised scenarios to bring situations to life for maximum impact.

Demoura Lawson Consulting Services work closely with your Senior Management Team to develop and shape each seminar to ensure that the right messages are conveyed each and every time.

We believe regular employee engagement is key to effective safety management in any business. Our compelling safety conferences allow your business to communicate and engage with your staff on health and safety matters and strategy.

Safety Seminars

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We make sure that your current challenges and performance levels in relation to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) are effectively communicated and as important, what the business is doing to meet these challenges and improve HSQE performance.

The HSE training and safety seminar is an excellent venue for explaining your safety management system, updates and how the system works - so these events are highly recommended as a key annual fixture in your business diary.

To discuss our Health and Safety Training, HSE Services and Safety Seminars in more detail, please visit our website and email us at

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