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Worker Welfare and Occupational Safety

Why bother? Why does it matter? Depending on location, chances are that anyone over forty grew up and started work in an environment where they never heard words like diversity and inclusion. Those words are in widespread use today and asking why can produce informative answers. Why is it important for businesses to focus on […]

The New Face of Occupational Health and Safety: Why Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights is our Business!

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One of the corporate health campaigns we tend to often see within various organizations is the seasonal flu awareness campaigns. Influenza is usually mild and most people recover quickly. However, this contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses can have a significant impact on overall productivity and has been known to cause more employee absenteeism […]

How effective are workplace flu prevention campaigns?

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Manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at the workplace and results in over a third of all workplace injuries. Injuries which traditionally we believe that basic employee awareness in the form of manual handling training should be more than enough to eliminate forever! When planning employee or contractor training for […]

Why the Traditional Approach to Manual Handling Training Does Not Work.

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In the last couple of years of writing articles on here, I am often accused of only focusing on occupational health and safety and not enough on environmental and sustainability initiatives I am constantly involved with. Although I do admit that most of my experience, education and work has been on the health and safety […]

5 Key Sustainability Initiatives That Give us Great Hope for a Greener Future

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As the debate about climate change continues, more creative examples, technologies and initiatives of how to fight it are popping up around the world. Over the last decade or so, we have watched many countries and communities significantly reduce their negative impact on the environment by integrating modern technologies and clean energy strategies within their various industries.

Would love to know what other sustainability technologies you believe will make a big impact in the future?

10 Great Free Health and Safety Phone Apps That You Should Be Aware of

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With the sudden surge of information technology in our day to day lives over the last couple of decades, advances with regards to learning and employee development within organizations have taken some major strides. Computer based training or e-learning in the various industries particularly in the fields of health, safety and the environmental (HSE) has […]

Secrets to Developing Successful HSE E-learning Programs

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When we speak about noise or hearing conservation at the work place, as health and safety practitioners, our mindset nearly always takes us to what we have learnt about controlling high levels of noise. We start going back to our tried and tested ways of measuring levels of sounds that are above the 85 Decibel […]

The Twilight Zone: Workplace Noise and its Effects on Employee Welfare

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Stress at the workplace is something that in various degrees effects everyone at work. In today’s tough job market coupled with many economic uncertainties, work related stress is even more noticeable than it has ever been. As a result of much research in the area in recent years, in extreme cases, correlations between workplace stress, […]

How Great Organizations Manage Workplace Stress

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One of the common topics that come up when general health and safety discussions are taking place is the future of the profession and what health and safety practitioners will likely be doing in say twenty or even thirty years’ from now. From the start of the profession in the early 1800’s when the Factories […]

A Look Into the Future of Health and Safety

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