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Fostering Female Empowerment in the Health and Safety Sector

Fostering Female Empowerment in the Health and Safety Sector: Overcoming Obstacles and Building a Safer Future.

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Worker accommodation standards in Qatar have been a considerable area of improvement over the last few years with much of this due to the high standards set as a result of the Worker Welfare Programs accelerated in view of the recent Football World Cup held within the country in November and December 2022.

Key Steps to Developing a Culture of Care within Worker Accommodations

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Corporate Social Responsibility

implementing CSR practices is crucial for organizations to become socially responsible actors, contributing to sustainable development and other needs of society. By using ISO 26001, organizations can have guidance around developing and implementing CSR practices, while also exploring the principles of responsibility and accounting, stakeholder engagement and risk management, among other related fields.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and It’s Business Significance

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Qatar Construction Standard and NEBOSH

In Qatar, possessing a NEBOSH certificate is often a requirement for health and safety jobs that come with significant responsibilities such as safety officers and managers. Employers require their employees to have the NEBOSH certificate because it provides them with confidence that their workers are well-equipped to manage health and safety risks in the workplace.

The Qatar Construction Standard (QCS) and NEBOSH as a Minimum Competency Requirement for Safety Professionals in Qatar

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Health and Safety Leadership at Demoura Lawson Consulting

The problem with lagging HSE indicators Traditionally, occupational health and safety has been at least partially reactive. It has relied on lagging indicators – data collected after the event. The number of accidents and incidents that happened, rather than the number that were avoided. Companies provide PPE, machinery guards, lifting equipment, drinking water, rest stations […]

Leadership participation and Its effects on Health and Safety Cultures

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VR in Safety

The Benefits of Virtual Reality and Immersive technology in occupational safety and health.

Virtual Reality Training in Occupational Safety and Health

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Signage, whether related to health and safety or not, can ensure individuals unfamiliar to an area can immediately gain a better sense of their surroundings, a familiarity which can ultimately play a significant role in their overall health and wellbeing.

Green Means Go – Understanding the true Psychology of Safety Signs

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Behavioral Based Safety

Behavioral-based safety aims to operate inside the worker by reaching the levers that determine how each of us acts.

It does so by taking into consideration that various aspects that can impact health and safety within a business such as culture, overall knowledge, status of operations and general leadership styles influencing the decision-making processes within a business.

This article looks at the various ways behavioral based safety (BBS) programs can enhance and support current safety systems within a business.

Behavior Based Safety – Can it Really Make a difference?

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Worker Welfare and Occupational Safety

Why bother? Why does it matter? Depending on location, chances are that anyone over forty grew up and started work in an environment where they never heard words like diversity and inclusion. Those words are in widespread use today and asking why can produce informative answers. Why is it important for businesses to focus on […]

The New Face of Occupational Health and Safety: Why Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights is our Business!

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