Highfield Level 3 International Award in Health and Safety for Construction Supervisors

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This credential was designed for construction industry supervisors. Learners who earn this credential will comprehend their function in a construction environment. Included are the responsibilities of the personnel, how risk assessment assures a secure construction environment, and the delivery of a safety briefing.


This qualification is usually obtained by taking a 2-day classroom-based course. 

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

The qualification is assessed using the following methods of assessment:
i. Part one: This component is assessed by multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination. This method of assessment is an end of course exam and must follow the Highfield Security and Invigilation Guidelines. The examination for this qualification contains 15 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes. Successful learners must achieve a minimum pass mark of 9 correct answers (60%) to pass.
ii. Part two: This component is assessed by practical assessment where a learner must create and
deliver a 10-minute safety briefing.

How is the qualification assessed?

Individuals achieving this qualification can then progress onto any of the Highfield Health and Safety
qualifications such as Highfield Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the workplace (RQF); Highfield Level 2 International Award in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) .

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