Highfield Level 3 International Award in Health and Safety for Accommodation Supervisors

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The provision of housing is a common employee benefit included in migrant workforce contracts. Legally and morally, it is of utmost importance for employers to ensure appropriate health and safety standards in employee housing to provide a secure living environment for their employees.


This qualification is intended for supervisors and managers of labour camps or staff accommodation with direct responsibility for the health and safety management of learners aspiring to become accommodation managers/supervisors.
This qualification will equip learners with the knowledge that supervisors and managers have legal and moral obligations to ensure health and safety within the accommodation/camps, including obligations to employees, contractors, visitors, and suppliers.

Who is this qualification for?

Highfield is the leading provider of regulated compliance qualifications in the UK, certificating over 350,000 learners a year. Highfield is also one of the largest awarding organisations in Middle East Asia, with a head office in Dubai. We’re extremely proud to be a Highfield approved centre and offer you international qualifications that will enhance your career prospects.

Why a Highfield qualification?

The qualification provides learners with an understanding of the main aspects of health and safety and the importance of maintaining these aspects to ensure a safe and healthy living space. Topics include the key in restructure requirements, safe utilities requirements, maintenance of fire safety, electrical safety, food safety, pest and waste management systems, cleaning and disinfection procedures, procedures of control of spread of infection and responsibilities of the supervisors to conduct routine inspection of the premises, to record and report any health and safety hazards.

It is strongly recommended that learners already possess a level 3 health and safety qualification.

What topics are covered?

What are the entry requirements? 

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