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After what seems like a week of receiving emails asking you to update your policy settings, opt-in to communications from your favourite online store or even update your basic contact information with your local network provider, the letters GDPR probably seems like the last thing you want to hear about right now! As a result, […]

Why GDPR Should Matter to Health and Safety Professionals

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Sleep deprivation is a workplace health concern that is often ignored. It can decrease productivity at the workplace as well as being a frequent root cause for many safety incidents, accidents, and damages to property which result in a high financial impact every year. Employers are often unaware of the impact sleep deprivation can have […]

Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects on Worker Welfare

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Health and safety committees over the past few years have become very effective ways of gaining stronger employee participation and buy-in when it comes to safety, health and welfare matters affecting employees at the workplace. Such teams can provide a good option for organizations that have a significant number of workers that may be reluctant […]

How to Set up Effective Health and Safety Committees

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Understanding behavioral influences are key to providing effective solutions to workplace health and safety problems. To better have an understanding of behaviors that could seriously place individuals at risk, awareness of why people act the way they do can very much support your efforts in providing alternative and less risky solutions. Many companies spend much […]

The Power of “Soon, Certain, Positive” in Solving Significant Health and Safety Concerns

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Effective housekeeping can eliminate many workplace hazards and as a result, help maintain a safe workplace. On the contrary, poor housekeeping can frequently contribute to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. In organizations where the sight of paper, debris, clutter and spills in the working premises is accepted as normal, other more serious health […]

Why there is so much more to good housekeeping than what meets the eye!

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Ever since they were first used in early major construction projects in the United States back in the 1930’s, the hard hat has been an ever-present safety accessory on most heavy industry sites all over the world. Fast forward a few years and hard hat colour codes began to be used to determine the various levels and […]

Why it is a Good Idea to Have Your Own Company Hard Hat Colour Codes

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Many articles have been written regarding safety leadership and the importance of management participation in health and safety initiative at work. It had always been a strong area of interest to me and I would generally spend quite a lot of time reviewing much of these publications in an attempt to come up with the […]

Gauging Leadership Participation in Safety Initiatives

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Health, safety, and environmental orientations are essential to any organization’s HSE management system as it is a process where new employees, contractors or visitors becoming familiar with the various expectations prior to starting work. Many companies do not afford this process the importance it deserves, as they rush through the practice to get new employees […]

10 Considerations for Getting the Best Results from Your Health and Safety Orientations

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I am often asked about routes of conversion between the different chartered safety memberships worldwide. Health and safety recruiters are already well used to looking for professionals with safety affiliations as they recognize the chartered status as “a best in class” and realise that often they’ll get the highest professional standards from a chartered individual. […]

CMIOSH, CSP, CRSP, MIIRSM…..Choosing and Changing Between the Associations.

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