Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression are routinely listed as top concerns in employee health surveys and are the second leading cause of workplace absenteeism and work impairment. Even moderate depressive or anxiety symptoms can affect work performance and productivity.

Longer working hours might seem productive for the company, but they take their toll on individual workers. Most workers reported that these longer working hours contributed to higher rates of mental stress and burnout which led to noticeable negative effects on their mental health.

Part of the reason for this deterioration may be as result of employee being overworked. During the pandemic, it is understandable that when home and office become one, it can be difficult for workers to establish healthy boundaries between the two.

Mental health is all about how we think, feel & behave and it’s a most common problem at work space. At least one in six workers is experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression (source:

Mental Health In Workplace

Seventy percent of the global workforce say 2020 was the most stressful year ever. And just like COVID-19, the mental health crisis takes on different shapes and sizes across every job, generation, and geography. 

You might not be talking about it, because unfortunately, in many workplaces, mental health is still a taboo subject. As a result, many people feel scared and confused about confronting the issue at work.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health in workplace!!

As we enter 2021, the global workforce is still adapting to the new workplace. Safety professionals are specially facing a lot of challenges, seeking support and turning to their employers for help.

Mental health at work requires attention and immediate swift action. A safe and healthy workplace is one which promotes workers' mental well-being and understands its significant impacts.

There are steps we can take to look after ourselves, our colleagues, and make our workplaces mentally healthier!!

To achieve a safe workplace, DMLC creates and implemented a consolidated workplace health and safety Program. This program is a series of well tested strategies and related activities to continually improve or maintain the quality of working life, health, and the well-being of the workforce. 

We at Demoura Lawson Consulting (DMLC), are working with a number of key partners to deliver a range of Mental Health First Aid Training programs and work with organisations within the Middle East to develop an improved Workplace Mental Health Strategy.

Our Mental Health Strategy Development process includes real-life case studies from experienced and engaging speakers. We believe the best support comes from those who have first-hand experience of dealing with, and overcoming, their own mental health issues.

Learn how we can help with innovative training programs to mental health. To create a more supportive mental health friendly workplace, see how Demoura Lawson Consulting can help!!!

To discuss our Health and Safety Services and Mental Health in Workplace Programs in more detail, please visit our website and email us at

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