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Proudly based out of the State of Qatar, we serve a global market place predominantly in the Middle East as we have identified with the cultural diversities and implemented successful health, safety, welfare, environmental and behavioral programs throughout the region.

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At Demoura Lawson Consulting we realise that our clients require holistic approaches in order to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. We support organisational leaders on all levels to develop strong, long term and fully sustainable cultures in which health, safety, wellbeing and the environment is at the core of their decision-making processes.

A holistic approach to organisational issues


Our programs engage our leaders in global processes of learning, where we support them to build their capacities and apply what they have learned to both the transformation of their own establishments as well as their local communities.

Leadership Engagement



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We support our clients in empowering their employees to save lives, enhance wellness, and achieve better overall process performances.

Master Leadership Excellence and Achieve Peak Performance – Equip your employees with the mindset and habits that drive results.


Executive Coaching

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We serve as partners to our clients, advising organisational leaders on all levels to develop strong, long-term, and fully sustainable cultures.

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We believe that coaching, mentoring, and developing a strong focus on competency frameworks within workplaces provide more robust long-term benefits.


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Today, failure to stay aware of (and be compliant with) the latest occupational safety and health regulations can be expensive. It can prevent organisations being competitive during tender selections and have drastic impacts on a company’s reputation and overall brand. It could lead to legal liabilities. In the worst case, it can mean business leaders spending the rest of their lives aware that a fellow human being was seriously injured. And that with the right knowledge, ability to enhance the overall safety culture, workplace safety assessment and workplace safety training, the organisation could have avoided it.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And, with us looking after things, it won’t be.

Based out of Qatar, with a global network of international clients. we bring a focus on employee well-being and worker welfare in a way that is unique and fully sustainable within the organisations overall safe work strategies. We do not believe in just ticking the HSE boxes and pride ourselves with developing long lasting worker welfare methodologies within workplaces.

It’s about changing the culture. What we also know is that the leaders of most companies already have enough to do managing their core business activities. Demoura Lawson Consulting’s function is to manage and change the workplace health and safety dynamics for the better. It’s a full-time job. Which is why it’s the only thing we do.

Occupational Health and Safety used to be something of a backwater. Make sure barriers are in place. Issue hard hats, high viz jackets and ear defenders where necessary. Check that construction workers’ footwear is adequate. Fix nets in places where debris might fall on passers-by. Put up signs warning that there is a hazard ahead. Job done. It isn’t like that anymore.

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Tel:  +974 4445 9206

Saudi Arabia: 3121 Imam Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Abdulaziz Road, Ishbiliyah, Riyadh 13225, Saudi Arabia
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