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Many organisations have stalled in their progress towards excellence in safety, so a step change in approach to move to the next level is required. BBS 2.0 is the next generation of workplace behaviour based safety, brought to you by Demoura Lawson Consulting Services.

Unlike historic behaviour based safety approaches, BBS 2.0 is a holistic change programme aimed at culture and behaviour change across the whole organisation.

Fewer, but more relevant, measures form the basis of behavioural KPI's that are designed to be customised to each clients' specific needs.


Changing behaviours can be challenging, not least because people won't change simply because we ask - or tell - them to.

They need to understand 'why' we are asking them to change, how the change will impact them and their work and the benefits of change.

How we explain the 'why' can be difficult. Too much information and the person can become overwhelmed and disengaged, too little and the reason behind the change isn't clear.

One such way we have successfully been able to make these behaviours visible and explain why they are important, is through a comic-strip approach.

Using real-life case studies we can bring life to behaviour based safety by turning these examples into comic-strip form.

This form of visual storytelling is effective, dynamic, engaging and easy to understand.


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To discuss our BBS 2.0 solution in more detail, please contact us using the details below and we can book your personal call via MS Teams or Zoom.

Adel Lawson

Middle East Office
Partner & Senior Consultant
Demoura Lawson Consulting

David Lamont

UK Office
Business Project Lead
Project Health & Safety Services

Douglas Hamilton

UK Office
Managing Director
Concentris Limited

Emergency Response, Crisis Management and Recovery

Our focus is in the following areas

Accident Investigation and Route Cause Analysis

Behavioral Based Safety and Coaching

Cultural Development and high-performance teams

Development of Strong Contractor Management Strategies

Occupational Health and Worker Wellbeing programs

HSE Training development and Training needs analysis

Remote Site Inspections

Drone Technology

Risk Assessment Toolkit

Interim Safety Management

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