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What is Zero Harm?

Very recently we introduced the ZERO Harm behavioral safety program in which a number of personnel have begun to undertake…..But what is ZERO Harm and what does it mean?

Zero Harm is about caring for each other and demonstrating that care on a daily basis, it is about all employees going home safely at the end of every working day. Most importantly, it is about refusing to accept any level of injury to our personnel or contractors. At FMM, this concept also extends to ZERO effect to our environment and ZERO impact to the quality of our final services and outputs.

In a Zero Harm culture, it is expected that all employees take responsibility for their own as well as their colleagues welfare. All employees are expected to ask questions like “What is the most dangerous thing that can happen to me on this job and how can I protect myself against it?”

Choosing to follow the safety rules and procedures versus having to follow them, speaking up and expressing our concerns when we see something unsafe are great indicators of a strong ZERO Harm culture.

Finally, we all need to take the time to look at our own relationships to health, safety, environment and quality as well as raise our awareness of the risks we face every day at work and at our accommodations.


December 12, 2017

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